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Pack of 50 Tokens for the MVP / MVP Pro (AD)

  • Item # 2307
  • Model: AD-TK50
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics
$1,350.00 Found a Better Price? Let us know.


When purchasing this item, please make sure you also tell us what type of machine you have and what your machine's serial number is. Tokens will be added to your account within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

We carry the MVP Pro with one year of unlimited tokens, the MVP Pro with 35 tokens, and the MVP Pro with 10 tokens. You can also upgrade the MVP Pro to unlimited tokens with an annual subscription or purchase an additional pack of 10 Tokens for the MVP / MVP Pro, pack of 25 Tokens for the MVP / MVP Pro or pack of 250 Tokens for the MVP / MVP Pro.


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