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LogiKey GM / OBD2 Tester

  • Item # 427
  • Model: LGK-OBD2
  • Manufacturer: LogiKey
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This little, red box is simply put the most professional way to program your GM/Chrysler/Mitsubishi remotes, program your GM transponder keys, and lots of other goodies packed in there.

  • GM/Mitsubishi/Chrysler Remote Programming: Jump/ground the correct terminals on the OBD2 port for your on-board remote programming.
  • GM Automatic Key Programming Mode: In manual mode, the visual countdown and audible alarm will tell you when it's time to turn the key and wait another 10 minutes. In auto mode, you don't have to worry about turning they key at all! Just set it up and come back in 30 minutes. It can't get any simpler!
  • 15/10/2-Minute Countdown: Use the large LED countdown and loud, audible alarm to assist in your programming procedures.
  • Toyota/Lexus Engine Control Synchronization: After replacing or reflashing a Toyota/Lexus Immobilizer Control Unit (ICU), use this tool to jump the correct terminals on the OBD2 port and resync for the correct amount of time.
  • VW/Audi Fault Detection: Before you plug in your expensive diagnostic machine, make sure you check to see that there aren't high voltages being delivered to the OBD2 port that will fry your equipment. It's an important step to protect your equipment that is now made fast and easy.
  • Built-In Voltmeter: Stop guessing whether or not your vehicle has enough power to program that key. This tool will tell you exactly how much voltage is being sent to the OBD2 port. If it's less than 11.4 volts, it's probably a good idea to get more power to the vehicle.
  • Built-In Lamp: Puts light right when and where you need it.
  • 12-Volt Power Option: Unit can be powered either by OBD2 port or with included 12-volt/cigarette lighter cable.

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