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Keyline 884 Decryptor MINI Cloning Machine

  • Item # 5368
  • Model: KLN-B884MINI
  • Manufacturer: Keyline
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Car key cloning made easy, with extreme calculation power and an unparalleled low price. The 884 Decryptor Mini is simple to use: just connect it to your Android smartphone or tablet with USB-OTG capability or to a PC Windows (7 and subsequent versions) with an Internet connection, download the Keyline Cloning Tool mobile App* or the PC Software and start the transponder-equipped car key automatic cloning procedure, without having to press any buttons and also without connecting to a power outlet.

Its extremely high calculation power, maximum flexibility and ease of use make it the ideal choice for professionals in the key business.

* Keyline Cloning Tool mobile App must be used only with 884 Decryptor Mini

Package A:
  • 884 Decryptor Mini w/ Cables
  • 5 TK Universal Heads (Clonable)
  • 14 Horseshoe Blades (2x FD21U, 2x NS34U, 1x HD90U, 1x MZ24U, 1x MT1U, 1x MT11U, 2x TR47U, 1x B106U, 1x Y170U, 1x Y160U, 1x MT8SU)
  • 2 RFD100-US-21 (Clonable)
  • 7 Transponder keys (Clonable) (BB97-PT5, B103-PT5, BMAZ24RT5, BPT04-PTC, BB99-PT5, BHD106-PT5, BNSN11T2)
Package B:
  • 884 Decryptor Mini w/ Cable
  • 5 TK Universal Heads (Clonable)
  • 18 Horseshoe Blades (3x FD21U, 3x NS34U, 2x HD1U, 2x V66U, 3x TR47U, 3x Y160U, 2x FD40U
  • 1 RFD100-US-21 (Clonable)
  • 11 Transponder keys (Clonable) (BB97-PT5, B103-PT5, BPT04-PT5, BYS15TK1, BHU46T2, BHO01T5, BB99-PT5, BHD106-PT5, BNSN11T2, BMAZ24RT5, BHD106-P0T5)
Package C:
  • 884 Decryptor Mini w/ Cable
  • 2 TK Universal Heads (Clonable)
  • 2 Toyota TR47 Horseshoe Blades
  • 2 Nissan Horseshoe Blades
  • 2 Chrysler Horseshoe Blades
  • 1 Ford 40-Bit RHK (RFD100-US-21)
  • 1 Y100KIT Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Keyless System
  • 1 NS100KIT Nissan/Infinity Keyless System
  • 1 GM Cloneable B97TK5 Transponder Key
  • 1 GM Cloneable B103TK5 Transponder Key
  • 1 GM Cloneable "Z" Keyway PT04-PT5 Transponder Key
  • 1 GM Cloneable B99TK5 Transponder Key
  • 1 Honda Cloneable BHO01T5 Transponder Key
  • 1 GM B111PT Circle + Transponder Key
  • 1 GM B119PT Transponder Key HS
  • 1 Chrysler BY165 Transponder Key (Tan)
  • 1 Lexus TR48BTK3 Transponder Key Short HS
  • 1 GM B116PT Transponder Key HS
  • 1 Chrysler Y160TK4 Transponder Key (Grey)
  • 1 Lexus TR49BTK3 Transponder Key Long HS
  • 1 Ford BJ92PT Transponder Key
  • 1 Ford H72 Transponder Key (4C)

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