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iKeyClone for Cloning & Remote Unlocking—BASE UNIT (IKS)

  • Item # 4943
  • Model: IKS-IKEY
  • Manufacturer: Intelligent Key Solutions
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  • Copy Megamos 13 to T5
  • Copy 4C to TPX1 or EH2
  • Copy 4D to TPX2 or CN2*
  • Copy Philips 46 to CN3, TPX4, or 46C* (Internet connection connected for Philips 46 cloning only)


  • Unlocks Chrysler OHT692427AA, M3N5WY72XX, OHT692713AA* remote head keys w/out soldering
  • Unlocks Chrysler KOBDT04A remote head keys with very minimal soldering
  • Unlocks Chrysler M3N5W783X, IYZ-C01C*, IYZ-C01C KeylessGo* FOBIK without soldering
  • Unlocks GM Non-PEPS*, GM PEPS* Flip-Style Remote Head Keys without soldering
  • Unlocks Hyundai/Kia SY5HMFNA04 Smart Keys*
  • Unlocks BMW CAS4 Smart Keys*


  • Pull your BIN file with an EEPROM reader and use the iKeyClone s/w to create working keys. Supports Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, VW (Cabrio, Eurovan), Isuzu Rodeo/Axiom, BMW EWS1,2,3,3+,4, and more!
  • PROGRAM 2012+ SUBARU!*
  • Pull the BIN file with an EEPROM reader, open with the iKeyClone s/w, write key, save updated BIN file and write back to immobilizer to allow key to start the car


  • Turn a blank T5 into a Megamos 13
  • Turn a blank 4D60 into 4D61, 4D62, 4D65, 4D67, 4D68
  • Turn a blank Megamos 48 into a PK3+, VW CAN or Audi CAN
  • Turn a blank Philips 44 (7935) into an ID40 or ID41
  • Turn a blank Philips 46 (7936) into a Mitsubishi A-Chip, Chrysler/GM Circle-Plus Chip, VW Touareg, Phaeton, Porsche Cayenne
  • Turn a blank PCF7937 into a 46E (eg 2014 Silverado)*

*Requires optional software purchase

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