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Cyclone PRO Advanced Cloner (The Diagnostic Box)

  • Item # 5356
  • Manufacturer: The Diagnostic Box
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Definitely one of the more advanced cloners on the market. A little pricey to purchase but does support the very inexpensive CN chips, keeping key costs very low. A great option for a business with a fairly high volume of cloning services.


  • Stand-alone unit (no PC or Internet connection required for most features)
  • Will clone fixed code (T2, T5, Tex 4C)
  • Will clone Texas Instruments encrypted code (4D)
  • Will clone Philips 46 encrypted code
  • Will clone Megamos 48—GM only
  • Will clone 8C (Mazda MPV & Miata 2000-2004)
  • Clones onto TPX chips, or EH2/TK60 electronic head keys
  • Supports transponder production, including VW CAN, Toyota 4D-67, and Lexus 4D-68
  • Supports some VW CAN chip pre-coding
  • Can write custom values to fixed-code chips

KEYS: Very open system, supporting as many cloning key types as possible. The most important thing to note is that it supports writing to CN chips, so your per-key cost is extremely low. Use CN chips with any manufacturer's key shells (JMA, BlueRocket, etc.) for a cloning key under $10 that looks very similar to the factory original.

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