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Build-A-Key - Honda / Acura HON66 (HO01 / HO03) (LOCK MONKEY)

  • Item # 3546
  • Model: MNK-MK600
  • Manufacturer: Lock Monkey Tools
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WARNING: Although this tool is very useful and one of our most popular models of Build-A-Keys, it is well known for being a little difficult to remove the pins in the beginning. Because it is a 4-track key with the cuts facing the outside, it can be more difficult to extract the first set of pins when disassembling since the holes are covered by the second set of pins. You'll see what we mean when you try it. Rest assured though, if you didn't push them in too hard, they will come out with some coaxing, and things will get better as things loosen up with use. You have been warned though: take it easy. A little extra lubrication might be helpful also before inserting pins into the tool. Also, you won't have any problems if you just do one side at a time. Insert the pins on one side, cut half of the key, remove the pins and then do the other side.

Say Goodbye to Space & Depth Keys

Part Number: MK600
For Use On: All Hondas & Acuras Using the High Security Keyway
Test Key Blank: HO01-SVC
Spaces: 10
Depths: 6


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