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AutoSmart 2016 by Michael Hyde - Foreign & Domestic BOOKS SET

  • Item # 5568
  • Model: MH-AS2016
  • Manufacturer: Michael Hyde
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Now over 1,000 pages of the best automotive technical info for locksmiths.

When it comes to originating keys to automobiles, there just isn't anything else like AutoSmart! Easy-to-read and easy-to-use as always. From Keyblanks to Code Locations, to Tumbler Charts, to Progression Charts, to Making First Key, any locksmith whether a veteran or a beginner needs this book on a daily basis. t would be too difficult to try and remember every tidbit about every car, when you could just reach for the AUTOSMART. When the customer is on the phone, why guess on what it will take to get keys made to their car, when you can have this information at your fingertips and be able to quote the job correctly?


  • The latest techniques for "Making First Key" to almost all cars and trucks.
  • The latest Ford, Chrysler & GM info on key blanks, tumbler placements and part numbers.
  • The latest Nissan, Mazda & Toyota info on key blanks, tumbler placements and part numbers.
  • The latest on cars with Transponders and which ones you can do yourself.
  • The most accurate and complete reference information on all cars & trucks.
  • The most detailed FIRST KEY information on High Security cars found anywhere.

The bottom line is if you are a locksmith and you do auto's this is the set of books you need. Knowledge is power and money - why go blind into a job when you don't have to?


  1. Both books are spiral bound using the latest in spiral technology for ease of use.
  2. Section Tabs added to make getting to where you need to go easier.
  3. New & completely redesigned Transponder Cloning section with all the major players like AD900Pro, Bianchi, ILCO, JET, JMA, Strattec, & ZedBull. Makes it easy on the eyes to look up - very visual.
  4. New Transponder Chip ID for the vehicle you are looking up in the key application guide.
  5. Now when looking up a vehicle, you will be able to tell which lock reader/decoder to use to open or decode the door lock easily. Included are Determinator, Lishi, AccuReader, EEZ Reader and Cobra readers.
  6. The latest transponder key application information with the most proximity information out there.
  7. This year books in full color.
  8. Hyundai / Kia section is expanded to include more remotes, remotes blades and proximity fobs.

AutoSmart is a registered trademark of National Auto Lock Service, Inc.

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