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Advanced Diagnostics TCode Pro - PATRIOT (Includes 45 Programs)

  • Item # 4835
  • Model: AD-TCPAT
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics
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Get help figuring out which programmer is the right one for you with our T-Code Pro / MVP Pro Comparison Chart.

Enhancing the highly successful TCode Classic was not easy, however the TCode Pro extends the boundaries even further. There is no better choice other than TCode Pro if you are looking for best car key programming tool.

The TCode Pro now benefits from a large LCD touch screen & versatile keypad for easy navigation/selection and a USB interface for fast software downloads.

The TCode Pro has been designed with simplicity in mind and the variety of adapters required has been integrated within simple color-coded dongles that configures the tester, thus reducing the quantity of cables required.

Although only fitted to a few US vehicles at present, a new vehicle interface 'Single Wire CAN' has been added to the TCode Pro, along with all the standard interfaces, plus the CCD and VPW protocols.

Combined with enhanced security and increased memory capacity, the TCode Pro positions itself as the leading transponder key programming tool in the world.

The TCode Pro PATRIOT PACK Level Package includes:

  • One NEW TCode Pro machine, with SmartCard technology
  • ALL essential accessories
  • Chrysler Basic CAN (ADS-113)
  • Chrysler FOBIK + CAN 2 thru 5 (ADS-156)
  • Chrysler 2010 (ADS-173)
  • Chrysler Prox 2011 (ADS-178)
  • Chrysler PIN Read Software (ADS-157)
  • Dodge 2013 (ADS-195)
  • Fiat USA (ADS-181)
  • Ford Basic+Advanced+PATS4+5+Cadillac Catera (ADS-100)
  • Ford 2010 (ADS-172)
  • Ford 2011 (ADS-175)
  • Ford Parameter Reset (ADS-190)
  • Ford 2013 (ADS-209)
  • GM Basic+Saturn+GTO (ADS-138)
  • GM CAN (ADS-139)
  • GM Prox (ADS-187)
  • GM 2014 (ADS-223)
  • Honda/Acura Basic+Honda 2007 (ADS-110)
  • Honda Accord 2008 (ADS-166)
  • Honda/Acura Prox 2013 (ADS-193)
  • Hyundai/Kia w/ PIN Read (ADS-118)
  • Hyundai/Kia CAN (ADS-147)
  • Hyundai/Kia 2012 (ADS-196)
  • Isuzu (ADS-135)
  • Jaguar USA (ADS-151)
  • Jaguar/Land Rover 2013 (ADS-207)
  • Land Rover (ADS-164)
  • Mazda CAN (ADS-133)
  • Mazda 2014 (ADS-225)
  • Mitsubishi (ADS-117)
  • Mitsubishi 2011-2012 Software (ADS-189)
  • Mitsubishi CAN/Prox (ADS-154)
  • Nissan (ADS-112)
  • Nissan CAN Prox (ADS-159)
  • Nissan 2009 (ADS-169)
  • Nissan/Infiniti 2013 (ADS-197)
  • Saab+CAN USA (ADS-144)
  • Sprinter (ADS-137)
  • Smart Car (ADS-179)
  • Subaru USA (ADS-127)
  • Toyota/Lexus Keys & Remotes (ADS-125)
  • Toyota/Lexus 2007 (ADS-150)
  • Toyota 2010 (ADS-174)
  • VW/Audi (ADS-115)
  • VW/Audi CAN (ADS-146)
  • VAG 2013 (VW/Audi) (ADS-219)

As of September 2015, the only available programs this does NOT include are:

  • Toyota 2015 (ADS-227)(Group A)
  • Subaru 2015 (ADS-228)(Group C)
  • VAG Instrument Cluster Reset (ADS-230)(Group C)
  • Jeep Chrysler Fiat 2016 (ADS-234)(Group A+)


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