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Acura RDX 2007-2013 3-Btn Remote (OEM 35111-STK-315)

  • Item # 2267
  • Model: ACU-35111-STK-315
  • Manufacturer: Honda / Acura
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Works on the Following Models: Acura RDX 2007-2013
FCC ID: N5F0602A1A
IC: 3248A-0602A1A
Chip: Philips 46
Part Number: 35111-STK-315
35111-STK-305 (superceded)
Frequency: 314 Mhz
Battery: CR1616
Buttons: Lock
Test Keyway: HO01

Please contact us if you need programming instructions. This is a FACTORY ORIGINAL remote supplied by Honda Motors.

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