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A1 Pak-A-Punch DOMESTIC Value Set Plus (PAK-MSA1)

  • Item # 3222
  • Model: A1-PAK-MSA1
  • Manufacturer: A1 Security
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A1's best value! Includes the Model 3T plus all accessories needed for punching GM 10-cut, GM 6-cut, Chrysler Double-Sided (1992-97), late model Chrysler 8-cut, Ford 8-cut, Ford 10-cut, plus some late model Mazda & Jeep.


Includes PAK-3T with the following PAK Kits:

  • G1: GM 6/10-Cut/Saturn B96
  • C2: Chrysler Y155/Y157
  • C5: Chrysler Y159
  • F1: Ford H60
  • F3: Ford H75

A1 Pak-A-Punch 2010 Application Guide

Pak-A-Punch Demonstration

Cut and Die Change Locksmith Instructional Video


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