BUNDLE: KeyLogic ID Pro Reflasher & PIN Calculator PRO Software

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By: Barry Starer Date Added: 11-20-2015
This tool replaced our other reflash tool almost a year ago. Since then we haven't looked back. There is a little more of a learning curve in using this tool than there was using the EZ-Flasher but this tool does so much more. Once you learn the tool it is actually faster and easier to use with one of the best features none of the others have. That being to have the ability to make a back-up file for each chip you service. Additionally with the calculators you have the option of making new keys by clearing (virginizing) the ECU or in some cases you can just read the key values and using a HITAG just program a chip to match the values and drop it into a new shell. Either way your customer is serviced fast and you have saved time and money. If your serious about auto servicing you will want this tool in your arsonal.