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Dino Latch Shim Strong Mica Paper

Dino Latch Shim Strong Mica Paper

  • Item #885
  • Model: DIN-RGN202
  • Manufacturer: Dino
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This 6-pack of the real "Magic Material" will open virtually any susceptible knob or gate latch lock. Simply slide into door gap, find the front of the latch and push forward/pull door back to open.

Each piece lasts longer and performs better than anything you've used before. You can also cut and modify to the shape you need.

  • Great flexibility to get around corners. Great strength to move that latch inwards.
  • Also works on window catches.
  • Perfect tool to help protect paint while opening car doors with long reach tools.
  • 2 different thicknesses: 3 thick & 3 thin.
  • Case included.

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