Honda HD109 / HD114 / X265 Motorcycle Key (JMA HOND-33)

Honda HD109 / HD114 / X265 Motorcycle Key (JMA HOND-33)

  • Item #759
  • Model: JMA-HOND-33
  • Manufacturer: JMA
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X265 Ilco X265 Taylor M405 Fuki M427 Fuki HD109 Ilco HD114 Jet


If you did not know about this key...there are two versions of this key. A short shoulder version (from tip to shoulder), and a long shoulder version (from tip to shoulder). The keyway is the same. Very simply, the shoulder is in a different location on each version. This JMA version is exactly the same as the Jet version. PUHLEEEZE go to the Jet HD109 description and read the story on that page and all will be explained.

If you need the shorter key (shorter from the tip to the shoulder), YOU WANT THE ILCO HD109.


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