Ford 80-Bit 4-Button Remote Head Key (5912512)—LIKE NEW! (OEM)

Ford 80-Bit 4-Button Remote Head Key (5912512)—LIKE NEW! (OEM)

  • Item #6796
  • Model: STR-5912512-B
  • Manufacturer: Ford / Lincoln / Mercury / Mazda
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Designed for 2011+ models, but backwards compatible with previous years.

Works on the Following Models: Ford Edge 2007-2015
Ford Escape 2007-2012
Ford Expedition 2009-2015
Ford Explorer 2007-2015
Ford Five Hundred 2007-2011
Ford Flex 2009-2015
Ford Focus 2010-2011
Ford Freestyle 2007-2009
Ford Fusion 2006-2012
Ford Mustang 2010-2014
Ford Taurus 2008-2015
Ford Taurus X 2008-2009
Lincoln MKS 2006-2012
Lincoln MKX 2006-2013
Lincoln MKZ 2006-2013
Lincoln Navigator 2007-2015
Lincoln Zephyr 2006-2009
Mazda Tribute 2007-2011
Buttons: Lock
Replaces: Rotunda 164-R8067
Rotunda 164-R8070
Rotunda 164-R8073
Strattec 5921186 (Ford Mustang)
Strattec 5912560 (Ford 3-Button)
Strattec 5915217 (Lincoln 3-Button)
Strattec 5915218 (Lincoln 4-Button)
BlueRocket BRK-RH-FOR-05 (#1189)
IC: 1788A-FWB1U793
Chip: Tex 4D-63 80-Bit
Test Key: H75
Battery: CR2032


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