Storefront Door Modification Kit—ALUMINUM (GKL)

Storefront Door Modification Kit—ALUMINUM (GKL)

  • Item #6656
  • Model: GKL-B1A
  • Manufacturer: GKL Products
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With GKL's new Lock and Blank Faceplate Bridges and Modification Kit, you can save money and hours of repair time, yet the storefront door will retain its original look after completing the modification.


  • Simplifies storefront door repair and modification procedures
  • Covers up repairs instantly and modify storefront door lock cavities in minutes
  • Helps you meet the new IBC (International Building Code) regulations and specifications
  • Saves you additional time when installing a new mortise lock
  • Prevents burglars from using channel locks and/or pipe wrenches to burglarize locked doors
  • Gives storefront doors a clean and natural look after installation

Kit Includes:

  • 3 Snap-In Bridges
  • 2 blank faceplates (beveled and rounded)
  • Screws
  • Shims (to adjust faceplate height if needed)
  • 1 ADD2 hole filler disc kit
  • Brackets to convert the ADD2 disc kit to the ADD1 disc kit

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