HPC Mini Speedex Compact Manual Key Duplicator (9120RM)

HPC Mini Speedex Compact Manual Key Duplicator (9120RM)

  • Item #5134
  • Model: HPC-9120RM
  • Manufacturer: HPC
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The HPC Mini Speedex® is a lightweight, industrial-grade duplicator, and is one of the most accurate small key machines on the market. Its size and weight make it ideal for use in small or mobile lockshops. The 4-way jaws hold a large variety of different key blanks, including double-sided automotive keys. The expansive carriage range accommodates large-bow keys. The HPC Mini Speedex® is equipped with a W1-grade tool steel cutter specifically designed for the high rpm motor. The machine comes with the HPC Softie˙ de-burring brush. The durable construction and bronze bearings combine for a long lasting machine.

HPC Mini Speedex® Features:

  • The compact size easily fits in mobile or small lockshops.
  • The Mini Speedex® is equipped with the Softie™ Brush to quickly deburr the new key.
  • The 4-way jaws hold a wide variety of keys including double-sided automotive.

HPC Mini Speedex® Specifications:

  • Motor: 120VAC (1/10hp, 1.5 amps)
  • Weight: 16lb
  • Machine Size: 11"W x 8"D x 8"H
  • Bench Size: 16"W x 11"D


  • CW-23RM Cutter
  • WRENCH-1 Cutter Shaft Wrench
  • WRENCH-2 Cutter Nut Wrench
  • WRENCH-12 5/32" Allen Wrench

Not Included:

  • Tip Stop
  • Rubber Feet


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Star Rating 5 out of 5 stars
  • Star Rating
    By Joshua M. June 8, 2016
    This thing is small, but it is pretty darn cool. While being far smaller than I imagined it would be (even after watching YouTube videos of it), it is not a flimsy tool. It is heavy duty and allows the user to feel confident that the cut they are trying to make is accurate. Intuitive and easy to use. Not too hard to give this one 5 stars.