A1 Key Decoder for Ford (PK3-051)

A1 Key Decoder for Ford (PK3-051)

  • Item #513
  • Model: A1-PK3-051
  • Manufacturer: A1 Security
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  • F01: Ford 10-Cut (Codes A-B-C-D-E) (H54, H55, H56, H60, H62, H66, H67, H71, H78, DA32, MZ25, 1185T, 1188LN)
  • F14: Ford 5-Cut (Codes FA 0-1863) (H50, H51, H52, H53, S1186TS)
  • F15: Ford 5-Cut (Codes FB 0-1863) (H50)

Great for any application when code cutting requires a decoded key.


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