KeyLogic US900 Advanced Cloning Machine

KeyLogic US900 Advanced Cloning Machine

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  • Model: KLG-US900
  • Manufacturer: KeyLogic
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Includes over $200 in FREE chips and shells!

Finally Cloning Makes Sense for Any Automotive Locksmith!

Until now, cloning has been a convenience but not a cost saver. In fact, most cloners require the use of cloning keys with expensive electronic heads or expensive TPX chips, bringing the average cost of cloning a key to $25-$30 each! Because of this, the only locksmiths that could justify the expense of a cloning machine were those with high traffic locations such as mall kiosks or busy locksmith shops. Now with the use of inexpensive CN cloning chips, the cost of cloning has plummeted and all of a suddenly cloning is a preferable option for copying a customer's key over using a diagnostic programmer. The US900 is an inexpensive cloner with a thorough and advanced feature set bringing the locksmith's cost for cloning keys down to under $10! Now cloning is faster AND CHEAPER!


  • STAND-ALONE, INDEPENDENT OPERATION: No PC is needed for most features (including all cloning & transponder production). Get the job done in the field with no computer or Internet connection.
  • CLONES 90% OF THE VEHICLES ON THE ROAD: Like other cloners, copies Meg 13 (to T5), Tex 4C (to TPX1, EH, CN1, or CN5), Tex 4D (to TPX2, EH, CN2, or CN5), Philips 46 (to TPX3/TPX4 or CN3), Toyota 4D-72 G-Chip* (to CN5) and more.
  • INCREDIBLE CHIP SUPPORT: Displays the most thorough chip data of any cloning tool, including identifying the newest chip types (eg. Toyota H-chip).
  • SUPPORTS INEXPENSIVE CLONING CHIPS: Clones onto the new CN1 (for Tex 4C), CN2 (for Tex 4D), CN3 (for Philips 46), and CN5 (for Tex 4C, Tex 4D, Toyota G*) chip types saving you from purchasing expensive electronic heads or TPX chips.
  • EASY TOUCHSCREEN INTERFACE: All operations can be performed quickly and easily using large, intuitive, easy-to-read touchscreen display.
  • TRANSPONDER PRODUCTION: Converts Tex 4D-60 to 4D-61 (Nissan/Ford), 4D-62 (Subaru), 4D-67 (Toyota), and 4D-68 (Lexus) or 4D-60 Subaru 80-bit. Converts blank PCF7936 (Honda/Nissan/Hyundai/Kia) to GM (Circle-Plus), Chrysler, and Mitsubishi (A-Chip). Converts CN1 to CN2 and vise versa. Writes custom values to fixed code chips (T5, CN1, TPX1). Converts standard Meg48 chips to GM PK3+, VW CAN, or Audi CAN chips. Extensive precoding/transponder production support gives you huge flexibility!
  • INTEGRATED REMOTE CONTROL TESTING: Remote control testing built in, including confirming operation and displaying frequency, modulation and rate.
  • INCLUDES THE CHIPS AND SHELLS: We give you over $200 worth of cloning/transponder chips and shells to get you in the game from day 1 (see list below).
  • EASY UPDATES: Update your device using easy PC software.
  • PREMIUM SUPPORT: Support provided by both KeyLogic and American Key Supply, including after-hours.
  • POWERED WITH 12V OR 110V: Includes a standard wall plug and a 12V cigarette lighter-style power cable.

Kit Includes:

  • US900 main unit
  • Hard shell suitcase organizer
  • 4D Dcoder box
  • 46 Decoder box
  • TPX4 Sniffer (needed for cloning Philips 46)
  • Integrated selector for 4D/46 independent cloning
  • Chip organizers
  • USB data cable
  • 110V/12V power cable
  • Chips (may change based on availability)
    • 3x T5 wedge chips
    • 3x T5 glass chips
    • 1x TPX4 chip (for sniffing while cloning Philips 46)
    • 3x CN1 chips (for cloning Tex 4C)
    • 3x CN3 chips (for cloning Philips 46)
    • 2x CN64 chips (for cloning Tex 4D-64)
    • 2x CN5 chips (for cloning Tex 4D, including Toyota G)
    • 2x Tex 4D-60 wedge chips
    • 2x Tex 4D-60 glass chips
    • 2x PCF7935 (Philips 44) chips
    • 2x PCF7936 (Philips 46) chips
    • 2x Megamos 48 chips
  • Shells (may change based on availability)
    • 2x Chrysler Y160/Y164 Transponder Key Shells
    • 1x Chrysler Y170 (Pod Key) Transponder Key Shell
    • 1x Dodge Sprinter Transponder Key Shell
    • 2x Ford H72/H74 Transponder Key Shells
    • 1x GM B107/B111 Transponder Key Shell
    • 1x Honda HD106 Transponder Key Shell
    • 1x Honda HO01/HO03 Transponder Key Shell
    • 1x Lexus TOY40/LXP90 Transponder Key Shell
    • 1x Lexus TOY48/LXP90 Transponder Key Shell
    • 1x Mazda MZ34 Transponder Key Shell
    • 1x Nissan NSN11 Transponder Key Shell
    • 2x Nissan NI02/NI04 Transponder Key Shell
    • 1x Subaru DAT17 Transponder Key Shell
    • 2x Toyota TR47 Transponder Key Shell

Read our cloner comparison and Guide to Cloning

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are hearing reports that CN1 and CN2 chips are not sending a strong enough signal for some Fords. In a similar way that Ford uses glass chips in their H72 (4C) and H86 (4D-60) keys, you may need to use the strong CN5 chips or glass TPX chips instead for some Fords. Please be prepared and keep some CN5 or TPX chips in stock.

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Star Rating 5 out of 5 stars
  • Star Rating
    By Paul T. December 21, 2015
    Great machine. there seems to be little documentation and eventually it will lock you out until you update it so i would highly recommend learning how to do do that before you have a line of customers waiting. but other than that it saves a ton of time and money
  • Star Rating
    By Madeline N. September 21, 2015
    Great machine at a great price. I have used this for over two months now. Along with everything else this cloner can do, it copies TI 4D chips (Toyota dot, Ford jewel, ect) without going to the vehicle. It\'s a huge time save when making copies at large car lots.