Advanced Diagnostics Smart Dongle 4 TCode/MVP Pro**IN STOCK NOW!

Advanced Diagnostics Smart Dongle 4 TCode/MVP Pro**IN STOCK NOW!

  • Item #5019
  • Model: AD-ADC240
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics
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Finally, no more swapping or misplacing dongles. Now there's just one to use all the time. And soon, you'll be able to pre-code your VW keys without needing to buy the AD900 cloner.


  • Replaces all dongles (except dongle B for old Nissan/Infiniti OBD1 vehicles), including the specialty Nissan and Hyundai/Kia Dongles (requires separate software purchase for these specialty dongle features). The Smart Dongle will auto-detect the necessary dongle every time.
  • Automates the smart card procedure eliminating the need for the smart card kit.
  • With the Smart Aerial adapter (coming soon) the Smart Dongle will allow for the pre-coding of keys for Volkswagen, Fiat, BMW and more. No need to purchase a $2000 cloner you don't need anymore!
  • With the Smart EEPROM cable (coming soon) the Smart Dongle will be able to read EEPROM data to generate transponders and read pin codes.
  • Built with the future in mind, the Smart Dongle has expansion ports and will be adaptable to future releases and industry needs.

ADC-240 Super Dongle

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