JMA TRS-5000 EVO Cloning Machine

JMA TRS-5000 EVO Cloning Machine

  • Item #4508
  • Model: JMA-TRS-5000-EVO
  • Manufacturer: JMA
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Our new TRS 5000 EVO integrates in one unit all of JMA's Transponder Cloning Solutions. Clone 85% of the vehicles on the road with the most complete and versatile Transponder System available.

Developed with ease of use in mind, this electronic transponder tool is designed to detect, read and clone transponder keys equipped with Texas Instruments

Read our cloner comparison and Guide to Cloning


19.87 x 5, 23.89 x 13, hd106 5.78 x 2, b97 6.28 x 2, b99 6.98 x 1, b107 6.97 x 2 = $454.96


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