Lishi Saab 2 4-Track High Security Decoder (Must Pick First)

Lishi Saab 2 4-Track High Security Decoder (Must Pick First)

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  • Model: LSH-DEC-SAAB2
  • Manufacturer: Lishi
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Use this Saab 2 decoder for the 4-track high security Saab locks. These locks do not need to be picked first before decoding.

Tool Can Be
Used With:
Saab 9-3
Saab 9-5

Decoder is made of strong stainless steel and takes very little practice to use.

Included is the decoder, 20 steel blanks, a center key, and a plastic protective case. Steel blanks and center key are for use with the Lishi Key Cutter (make keys for testing or temporary use on-site without a high security key machine).

See the tool in action. Sorry, no English there, but still a great demonstration of using the tool.

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