Ford / Lincoln / Merc H75 / 1196FD Mechanical Key (KEYLINE)

Ford / Lincoln / Merc H75 / 1196FD Mechanical Key (KEYLINE)

  • Item #2980
  • Model: KLN-BH75
  • Manufacturer: Keyline
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24 Axxess H-75 Curtis H75 ESP H75 Ilco H75 Jet H75 Cole Nat'l H75 Hillman F2H Alba H75F Ilco H75F Jet H75M Ilco X247 Ilco X247 Taylor X242 Ilco X242 Taylor LN96 Ilco DA-37 Curtis DA37 Ilco DA37 Jet DA37 Hillman DA-36 Curtis DA36 Hillman MZ-30 Curtis MZ30 Ilco MZ30 Hillman H75FM Ilco FO40R Silca H-75OEM Curtis NSN16R Silca 322789 Briggs 322789 Strattec 322351 Briggs 322352 Briggs 322352 Strattec 1196FD Ilco


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Star Rating 3 out of 5 stars
  • Star Rating
    By Emeka O. October 22, 2015
    This blank's fine. Prior review stating the milling was too short should apply to the JMA H75 blank, with "Mexico" stamped on it. Got the 2 mixed up.
  • Star Rating
    By Emeka O. July 3, 2015
    Milling\'s too short...cutter jaw will sit on milling ramp and not clamp tightly without a shim; and will not sit all the way into some ignitions. Buy the JET product with a longer milling.