T-Code Group A Software

T-Code Group A Software

  • Item #2361
  • Model: AD-SW-A
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics
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Product # Description Pro Units Only?
ADS-100* Ford Basic, PATS 4, Ford Advanced, Cadillac Catera & PIN Read No
ADS-110* Acura/Honda Basic & 2007 No
ADS-112* Nissan USA No
ADS-113* Chrysler Basic, CAN, Remotes No
ADS-115* Audi & VW Software (Includes PIN Read) No
ADS-125* Lexus & Toyota Keys & Remotes No
ADS-133* Mazda CAN No
ADS-138* GM USA Basic (Non-CAN) No
ADS-139 GM CAN (Includes K Dongle) Yes
ADS-146 Audi & VW CAN Yes
ADS-151 Jaguar USA No
ADS-154* Mitsubishi CAN/PROX No
ADS-156 Chrysler FOBIK CAN with PIN Read No
ADS-159 Nissan CAN PROX No
ADS-160 Chrysler CAN 2, 3, 4, 5
Now included as part of ADS-156
ADS-164 Land Rover Yes
ADS-174 Toyota 2010 Yes
ADS-178 Chrysler PROX 2011 Yes
ADS-179 Smart Car Yes
ADS-187 GM Proximity Yes
ADS-193 Acura Honda Proximity
(N Dongle ADC-197 needed for most models with proximity, sold separately)
ADS-195 2013 Dodge Yes
ADS-197 Nissan 2013 Yes
ADS-207 Jaguar/Land Rover 2013 Yes
ADS-209 Ford 2013 Yes
ADS-219 VAG 2013 (VW/Audi) Yes
ADS-225 Mazda 2014 Yes
ADS-227 Toyota 2015 Yes

*Prerequisite Software

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