T-Code Group B Software

T-Code Group B Software

  • Item #2360
  • Model: AD-SW-B
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics
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Product # Description Pro Units Only?
ADS-117* Mitsubishi USA No
ADS-118* Hyundai (Includes PIN Bypass) No
ADS-120* Kia (Includes PIN Bypass)
Now included as part of ADS-118
ADS-126 Mazda PIN Code Conversion No
ADS-127 Subaru USA No
ADS-134 Pontiac GTO
Now included as part of ADS-138
ADS-144 Saab USA (Non-CAN) No
ADS-150 Toyota 2007 No
ADS-157 Chrysler PIN Read No
ADS-166 Honda Accord 2008/2009 & Acura TSX 2009 Yes
ADS-169 Nissan 2009 Yes
ADS-172 Ford 2010 Yes
ADS-173 Chrysler 2010 Yes
ADS-175 Ford 2011 Yes
ADS-189 Mitsubishi 2011-2012 Yes
ADS-196 Hyundai / Kia Yes
ADS-199 2013 Toyota RAV4 & 2014 Camry and Corolla Non-Prox Yes

*Prerequisite Software

ADS117 ADS118 ADS120 ADS126 ADS127 ADS134 ADS144 ADS150 ADS157 ADS166 ADS169 ADS172 ADS173 ADS175 ADS189 ADS196 ADS199

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