LogiKey Toyota Sequoia/Prius 30-Minute Reset/Resync Tool

LogiKey Toyota Sequoia/Prius 30-Minute Reset/Resync Tool

  • Item #1879
  • Model: LGK-30RESET
  • Manufacturer: LogiKey
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Black dongle that connects to vechical data port with led light at the bottom. This tool marries the ECU and the immobilizer module. The ECU or immobilizer units require resynchronization after either one has been flashed or replaced. "Type 2" Lexus or Toyota, with seperate immobilizer modules are your most common need.

The Toyota Prius and Sequoia need to be married since there is no master key to add keys to the system.

How to Use:

Turn key to “ON” connect the black dongle to the data port, a beep will let you know there is power to the data port.the dash light should be flashing red,green,yellow. The Toyota/Lexus Synchonization Tool will automatically resynchoronize the units in 30 minutes. In 30 minutes, the tool will audiblely and visually indicate completion of the sychronization process.

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