Honda HD109A (CBR954RR / CBR1000RR) Motorcycle Key (JET)

Honda HD109A (CBR954RR / CBR1000RR) Motorcycle Key (JET)

  • Item #1634
  • Model: JET-HD109-NP
  • Manufacturer: JET
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So here's the story. Honda started using a key everyone called the HD109 a long time ago. Jet came along and decided to call it an HD114. Or maybe they called it that first. Whatever, everyone calls it the HD109. Then Honda starts using a new key, same as the HD109, except the shoulders are cut back a little bit. Jet is the first to market with the new key and, smart asses that they are, they decided to call it an HD109. We call it the HD109-2 key because nobody else sells it and has given it a name yet. We obviously can't go around calling it the HD109 simply because Jet, in their infinite wisdom, decided to screw with our minds. So... we're just waiting for Ilco to come up with a new EZ name for it to put an end to the confusion. Hope that helps.

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