Vespa / Piaggio GT15RAP Scooter Key (JMA FI-13)

Vespa / Piaggio GT15RAP Scooter Key (JMA FI-13)

  • Item #1437
  • Model: JMA-FI-13
  • Manufacturer: JMA
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Use for Vespa 96+ ET2 & LX50 and Piaggio 07+ Fly 50. Code series: W0001 - W9640.

LA4P Orion FI4P Orion SP45P Lotus FI4CP Orion FI4EP Orion FI13P Fuki ARM10P CEA ARM10P HD SP45AP Lotus SP45BP Lotus GO13BP Lotus GB14RP Errebi GT15RP Silca PGT18R RR PGT18L RR ARM10P9 CEA ARM10P6 CEA ARM10P1 HD ARM10P8 CEA GB14RP6 Errebi GT15RAP Silca GT15RAP Ilco GT15RCP Silca GT15RBP Silca GT15RDP Silca GT15RPL Silca GT18RBP Silca GB14RP14 Errebi GT15RP SI Ilco 1505 PS42 B

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