Complete Set of 15 Accu-Readers for Motorcycles

Complete Set of 15 Accu-Readers for Motorcycles

  • Item #1206
  • Model: BND-ACCUMOTO-15
  • Manufacturer: LockTech
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Bundle includes the following Accu-Readers for Motorcycles:

  • Honda HD68/HD68R
  • Honda HD74/HD75
  • Honda HD109
  • Kawasaki KM10
  • Kawasaki KM12
  • Kawasaki KW14
  • Kawasaki KW14R
  • Kawasaki KW15
  • Kawasaki KW16
  • Suzuki SUZ12/SUZ18
  • Yamaha YM63
  • Yamaha YM63R
  • X270/TMC1 (Zadi & MANY other makes)
  • X234/HYD13 (Harley)

Each Accu-Reader comes with directions and a handy storage container.

Read More About Accu-Readers, including downloadable instructions and demo videos.

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