PS80L Advanced Transponder Programmer—OBD2 & REFLASHING (XTOOL)

PS80L Advanced Transponder Programmer—OBD2 & REFLASHING (XTOOL)

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  • Model: XTL-PS80L
  • Manufacturer: XTool
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The PS80L programming machine from XTool is an OBD2 vehicle key/remote programmer and an EEPROM reader/programmer (reflasher). It is ideal for advanced automotive technicians and locksmiths providing security services for their customers for most vehicle makes worldwide. It is the perfect compliment to the MVP Pro/T-Code Pro for locksmiths that need additional coverage for models Advanced Diagnostics doesn't support.

Main Features:

  • Transponder & Remote Programming: Including Acura, Audi, Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Saab, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, and Volkswagen. See more details
  • Basic & Advanced EEPROM & MCU Reflashing—Replaces the need for any other reflashing device
    • Programs Honda/Acura and Toyota/Lexus: Reflashes a wide selection of vehicles, including 01-03 Prius, 03+ Sequoia, and 1997 LS400.
    • Ready-to-Start reflashing: Rather than virginizing the immobilizer, you can reflash most first generation Toyotas and Lexus with a Ready-to-Start file (this process is required for many "early 1998" Toyota/Lexus vehicles where a traditional reflash will not work).
    • Clone from the Immobilizer: Pulls a key value needed to write to a cloning key with a cloner like the US900 that will start the car. No reflashing needed, your customer's electronics are left unaltered.
    • GoKlip Head & Pomona clips included for getting a quick, solid connection to the chips without the need for soldering.
    • Save/Backup your customer's original bin file before overwriting. Access all saved files anytime in the future when needed.
    • PIN reading functionality for Chrysler, Isuzu, Nissan, and VW is built in. Save your bin file from the chip and the PS80L analyzes the file and spits out the correct value.
  • Unlimited Usage: No tokens to worry about, just pay your annual subscription (estimated at $500-$1000 in 2017). Your first year is included for free!
  • Automotive Diagnostic Functions: reading & clearing fault codes. Also includes a plethora of othe diagnostic capabilities (PS90 started as a diagnostic tool and is currently transitioning into more of a key programming tool).
  • Large Touchscreen Interface: Using the large 9.7" capacitive touch screen, paging through the options is fast and easy.
  • Bluetooth Connection: VCI Diagnostic Box is included to plug into the vehicle's diagnostic port out of sight and communicates wirelessly with the PS90 main unit.
  • Superior Support: Manufacturer is able to remotely control and diagnose your device using Teamviewer for any needed assistance or updates. Technical manuals, circuit diagrams, common trouble codes, etc. are available for viewing on the PS90, making external support less necessary. On-the-vehicle support is provided by KeyLogic, located in Southern California (Pacific time zone). The ability to take screenshots and videos of your screen are built into the tablet.
  • Easy, Free Updates: The PS90 updates directly via the Internet using Wi-Fi or through a PC using a wired connection. Updating is simple and updates are frequent.
  • Coming Soon: Support and up-to-date application information will soon be integrated into the free AutoProApp Android/iOS app.

Current Stand-Out Features:

  • Nissan BCM to PIN Conversion: Supports the old 5-digit BCM as well as the new 20-digit BCM found in 2013 and later Nissans and Infinitis.
  • Ford HEC & PATS2 10-Minute Bypass: Skip right on through the normal 10-minute wait.
  • Hyundai & Kia Old & New PIN Code Read: No more buying PINs from the dealer
  • 2005 VW Touareg

New Features Released or Releasing in December:
XHorse engineers are in America thru October and November working on more vehicles and features every day! Here's what we know so far, but we expect this list to grow. If you see it listed here, the work is already complete or under way. They will be released to your machines soon.

  • Subaru G-Key (80-Bit) Programming
  • Ford PATS4 & PATS5 10-Minute Bypass
  • Ford Parameter Reset
  • Ford Fusion 2013+ System Rolling Code Bypass (No NASTF Needed)
  • Audi/VW 2013-2016 Programming
  • Complete Chrysler CAN PIN Reading & Programming
  • Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter Bypass & Programming
  • Jeep/Chrysler/Fiat New System PIN Reading & Programming
  • Toyota G-Chip Programming
  • Toyota H-Chip Programming
  • Voltage Detection
  • PIN Code Calculator Integration (EEPROM)
  • Chrysler Type1 & Type2 PIN Read (EEPROM)
  • Subaru 2017 MSOP EEPROM In-Circuit Programming w/ Adapter
  • Honda 2017 Proximity System Programming

PS90L Main Unit Specifications:

Operating System: Android
Processor: Quad-Core 1.60 GHz Processor
Memory: 1GB RAM, 8GB Flash
Display: 9.7" Touchscreen
Camera: 5.0MP Rear-Facing w/ Flashlight
Ports: Micro-USB (battery charge & PC communication)
USB 3.0 (wired connection with VCI Box)
USB 2.0 (PC communication)
HDMI (external display)
3.5mm mini stereo headset
Micro-SD memory card slot
Battery: 16000mAh, 3.7V Lithium-Polymer Battery
Dimensions: 13.0"Wx8.7"Hx2.0"D

Note: This is different than PS80 machines you may see on sale in other countries. The "L" on the end of the PS80L part number designates a version made for locksmiths in the US market and includes extra OBD2 and EEPROM software specific to United States vehicles. The cheaper PS80 has some of the same hardware but mainly performs only the advanced vehicle diagnostic functions that an auto shop might use.  The PS80L adds EEPROM software & hardware and OBD2 software that a locksmith would use.


  • PS80L Main Unit
  • VCI Diagnostic Box w/ Bluetooth Connectivity
  • ALL cables and adapters necessary for programming and auto diagnostics, including OBD1 for Nissan/Infiniti
    (Test Connectors: OBDII-16, HONDA-3, BMW-20, TOYOTA-17, MAZDA-17R, KIA-20, HYUNDAI/KIA-10, NISSAN-14, GM/DAEWOO-12, SELFTEST, UNIVERSAL-3, SUZUKI-3, FIAT-3, CITROEN-2, AUDI-4, MITSUBISHI-12+16, BENZ-38, BENZ-14; Test Cables: DB15 main cable, battery cable, 12V cable)
    • KeyLogic Adapters (reads chips inline, no desoldering needed)
      • KeyLogic GoKlip & 5250/SOIC8 Pomona clip (for standard chips)
      • DIP8 clip (for larger 2003-2007 Sequoia & 1999 LS400 chips)
      • Grounding Micrograbber
      • Toyota/Lexus OBD2 Resync Tool
    • XHorse Adapters (reads loose chips, requires desoldering)
      • EEPROM Adapter
      • EEPROM IC Board
  • Transponder Coil Ring Detector (tests if vehicle's transponder coil is functional)
  • USB C-Type Data Cable
  • USB 3.0 Data Cable
  • DC Power Adapter Cable
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Certificate of Quality with Product Activation Info
  • Packing List

The PS80L and PS90L are identical in their support for vehicle programming. The PS90L is a little larger and uses a Bluetooth wireless connection between the base unit and the OBD2 port. Other than that, though, they are virtually identical in features.

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